Quality over quantity - Why small house builders are making their mark

Deane Gate has been a proud and excited participant in the recent resurgence in the bespoke home building market. We have seen huge interest in our product and our approach is being increasingly viewed as a viable option for people who want a new build home that meets their needs. Compared to the standard bulk-build homes we generally see, our designs have something special to offer and are now hitting the mainstream.

“Try something, a bespoke house that represents you.”

Generic and bland. Those are the two words we often hear when we ask our clients why they have chosen a bespoke design for their new home rather than going for one of the production builders options.

Bespoke builders avoid the bland and the boring with a passion. We don’t want our style to become representative of us – to be picked out in a line-up of houses as the most predictable. We like to get up each morning with a spring in our step and add something new to the table. For you, that means a design that stands out and meets your needs.

It seems a shame to us that home builders are not responding to the needs of their customers – but we can sympathise. They need to put their profit ahead of their craft – they have shareholders to keep happy, after all.

Bespoke home customers, a rare breed

We are also now starting to see a more sophisticated customer (yes, that is you!). Our clients are interested in the building process, they want gadgets and eco-friendly processes and luxury options. They have been watching Grand Designs and can see themselves as the driving force behind the creation of their home.

With clients who understand their own needs, a home that has been prepackaged to meet the needs of a generic “pie in the sky” family simply will not work. Whether that family actually exists or not is a relevant question, but not one we bother asking because our homes are designed with your needs in mind – no one else’s.

“Bespoke builders avoid the bland and the boring.”

Bespoke means options and quality

For us the collaborative approach works well. From the outset the needs of the client are taken into consideration allowing us to create a house that works with the environment, while looking after it. Our homes can be made to fit, tailored to expectations and pared down to meet budgets. Yet we know that our homes are our calling card, so we insist on only building with the very best materials.

The High Street home builders will offer you a checklist of options. Don’t like them? Too bad. Your choices are not really choices at all and may be somewhat on the cheap and cheerful side. Your bespoke builder is happy to accept your magazine cuttings, your overseas supplier ideas and your hours of internet porings. They can also present you with a few ideas of their own from their many years of experience. Together you find a way to get exactly what you want – a high quality, well priced home. Try that down at your local showhome office.

Become a part of the building process

Fitting in with the building schedule of a large builder can be a stressful time. Not only is your home being built, but maybe a 100 others are due to be completed at the same time. Schedules can be pushed back to meet their needs – never yours. Site visits are carefully stage-managed and usually pre-arranged.

We work on your home in partnership with you. We know when your kids start back at school, when your Mum is coming to stay, when your current house is being sold and when the bank is putting the mortgage money in the bank. We talk to you about this stuff and we aim to find a mutually agreeable date to finish your home. It comes down to actually caring about more than the bottom line. Plus, you can visit site whenever you want.

Bespoke homes are built with an eye on profit but with our reputation and skill being at the forefront. This means producing a fantastic home that our clients will rave about. We don’t accept a percentage of unhappy customers and pass them over to customer retention to keep them on the books. We just don’t work like that. We are here for your needs and that is why house builders like us are making a big splash in what is becoming a much larger pond.